I'm Erica Anselmo, the CEO, Owner, and Founder of Erica's Events and Decor, LLC, where I specialize in delivering "Elegance with One Touch" to my clients.

During my years of experience in the industry, my blog, Erica's Edge, aims to share valuable insights, tips, tricks, and lessons learned from my entrepreneurial journey. I trust you find it enjoyable and informative!


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Creating Simple Spaces Less is more when it comes to decorating a home. Keep it simple! It allows the homeowner to have an interchangeable space, while enjoying their existing decor. Typically, the space is decorated using the bare essentials to create a clutter-free space. With a minimalist space, many designers opt for a neutral color […]

During this time of the pandemic, we have nothing but time. Why not Decluttering! When you declutter, is helps your to declutter your mind, reduces stress and increases self-esteem. To have a peaceful life, you have to declutter your home! A clutter-free home allows you to perform daily tasks more efficiently because everything you need […]

When designing a space, statement accessories are the bold, eye-catchers that bring style to the rest of the decor around it. It is considered the “wow-factor” in the room. It adds personality and character to a room, which results in grabbing your guest attention. When adding statement accessories, it should reflect who you are and/or […]

A kitchen should be clean, organized, and stylish and cabinets are by far the most important part of your home! Cabinets are considered wow-factor of the kitchen. Well designed, spacious cabinets allow for organization, quality construction, while adding finish and style. When cabinets are utilized correctly, it helps to organize your home and life. So […]

The entryway is often overlooked and neglected when it comes to decorating. This narrow space can be challenging to design, but tap into your creativity to style with decorative accents. An entryway design is the first impression and introduction of your home to visitors. This space must be designed well! Your entryway is the representation […]

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