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I would like to thank Erica's Events and Decor for the one-day interior design in my living room and kitchen area. As I sit in my home, the decor gives me a sense of relaxation, calmness, and peace. I received so many compliments from my family and friends on my interior design. I will highly recommend Erica' Events and Decor to anyone who wants to transform their home. 
- Project Whitesands Client -

I was a new homeowner and I reached out to Erica for some elegance and style for my new home within my budget. Erica did a phenomenal job in my living room, dining room, and powder room. I was so pleased with her work and her craft. I give her 5 stars and would recommend her to whoever is looking to style their home. I'm definitely going to have her decorate my entire home.
- Project Homestead Client - 

Erica! You know how much I run my mouth. I was at a loss for words when I walked into my home to see the awesome creation by you. It did not look like my home. My home is now warm, inviting, and a feeling of serenity. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 
 I love it!!!!!!
- Project Laurel Client - 

Amazingly awesome experience! Erica was friendly, professional, and efficient. She kindly provided her professional opinion and advice without being forceful. She was patient, flexible, and able to quickly adapt to changes when I had second thoughts about a particular item. She successfully executed the design and created a beautiful space that is warm and cozy that now makes my space really feel like home, which is exactly what I asked for. My daughter loves it! Since the install, she has frequently said, "it's so beautiful in here." I highly recommend using this company.
- Project Harrington Client - 

As of Saturday, November 14, 2020 Mrs. Erica gave the final reveal of my brand new office decor...I have so many positive words to say, but may not be enough space to say it...I LOVE THE OUTCOME!!! Erica's Events & Decor gives great service and of course I will contact her again for my next home project.
- Project Morgans Client - 

Erica helped make our dream bedroom & master bath become a reality. She gave my husband & I a space that looks amazing, is functional & sets an atmosphere of relaxation. We immensely loved Erica’s attention to detail and her guidance throughout the design process. We look forward to working with her again!
- Project Leonardtown Clients - 

I’m not sure what word to describe this experience. If you’re looking for a real-life Fairy Godmother then Erica’s Events Decor is for you. This was my very first time working with an interior decorator. With any new experience, you always feel apprehensive, but Erica made me really comfortable. As a matter of fact, once we started the process I did not have any reservations. Erica was very honest and walked me through the entire process. We talked so much that I felt like I was talking to someone I knew for years. She just GOT ME! She provided everything I needed in an interior decorator plus more and exceeded our expectations.

During the process, my husband had his own doubts. He saw pieces coming into the house, but really did not understand the vision, but on install day he was WOW’d. My husband hugged me several times and told me how happy he was of our new space.

Throughout all the interactions Erica and I had, I had no idea she was paying such close attention. Sometimes, we would go off-topic and talk about life things; but she was taking notes. She’s observant in the best way possible. She surprised us with memorabilia in the form of decorations that were personal to us that brought tears to my eyes. She really touched our hearts. If you’re looking for someone to exceed your expectations, work with Erica. She is dedicated, sweet, honest, and extremely talented. Our home is our peace, so finding someone like Erica was God-sent. We will be using Erica to decorate the rest of the spaces in our home. Thank you again, Erica’s Events and Decor. You blew our minds away.
- Project Church Clients - 

Erica is awesome! Our first project was the living room and she nailed it. I’m very particular and know what I like/don’t like. She worked with me and the room looks amazing. We will be starting another project real soon and I can’t wait. If you’re looking for a professional, dedicated and energetic designer that will work with you, she is definitely a top pick. Thanks so much Erica, the family loves the new space you created!
- Project Bachelors Clients - 

Phase II fell nothing short of amazing! I cannot explain how thankful I am for everything Erica has done. She continues to go over and beyond for her customers and it’s so respected and appreciated. Her work ethic with home decor is UNMATCHED and honestly you won’t ever see it coming. Every time I think I know what our house will look like in the end, she finds a way to blow our minds. I would recommended her without flinching 10 times over. I trust her judgment without a thought. Thank you for decorating our home again and really making the space feel like home. I never want to leave.  
- Project Church II Clients - 

So, Erica designed our dining room and kitchen. I think it looks great and here’s a picture :) The entire family is really enjoying the new beautiful space and the house is coming together. My mom says “It looks like a model home” lol. That’s definitely a compliment.
 Thanks again Erica!
- Project Bachelors II Clients - 

Phase III with Erica was nothing short of amazing. This time Erica tackled our master bedroom and bathroom. We told her he wanted an oasis-type feel for our space to make us feel like we are on vacation. We also requested hanging chairs from our ceiling. Erica delivered plus more. When I walked into my bedroom I cried simply at how well she executed. The level of detail in every piece was astonishing and thoughtful. She created a resort space we never want to leave. Thank you again for exceeding our expectations and bringing our wildest dreams to life.
- Project Church III Clients - 

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