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A kitchen should be clean, organized, and stylish and cabinets are by far the most important part of your home! Cabinets are considered wow-factor of the kitchen. Well designed, spacious cabinets allow for organization, quality construction, while adding finish and style. When cabinets are utilized correctly, it helps to organize your home and life. So let’s empty the junk-drawers and make use of the cabinetry! Cabinets are one of the biggest expenses in your home. Its a must that you have quality cabinetry that will stand the test of time. Cabinets that are designed well will still be in style 10-15 years later.

The kitchen is one of the most utilized spaces in a home where you eat, drink, talk, and dine; it is important that your cabinetry is the focal point that brings the room together. As you design your kitchen cabinets, here are some 2020 kitchen cabinet update trends:

Open shelving, glass doors, and slabs

Blues, Whites, and Grays

Wood, matte, and glossy

Multi-purpose functions – Extra deep drawers, multi-purpose island

Open frame kitchen cabinet doors allows for an open shelving and traditional cabinets. Slab cabinet doors are considered more modern because they are incredibly sleek.

Blue cabinets are the new “IT” for when it comes to cabinetry. They are elegant and very fun to look at in a home. When blue cabinets are paired correctly with a beautiful kitchen decor, it creates welcoming feel.

The newest look are raw cabinets because it give it a rustic-industrial look. The days of dark stained cabinets are over! “Unless you still like that look” 😉 People are loving the pine, oak and left unstained or unfinished cabinets. High-gloss cabinets gives you a sleek look with a high-gloss finish.

Cabinet features are one the newest trends, it helps to modernize your kitchen. The newest meeting place is the island. People are utilizing their island as a multi-purpose storage area. The newest island trend is counter space on top and drawers at the bottom. The look is so elegant and functional!

A great designed kitchen cabinets increase the value of your home. When you incorporate the tips above, you’ll see a difference in your home equity. I hope that you find my design tips to Update Kitchen Cabinets helpful and I am confident that you can carry out these design tips successfully.

Which cabinet update trend do you like best? Leave it in the comments- I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Virtual Hugs,
Erica Anselmo

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