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Due to COVID-19, many schools have opted for virtual learning. Therefore, it is important that you create a learning environment that allows children to have self-paced learning and the opportunity to learn new skills without having to travel to attend school.

Create a dedicated space where children can plan, learn, and explore without interfering with the rest of the home. Children need to have the flexibility of an online education, with minimal distractions. This room should be bright, colorful, vibrant, and comfy!

When creating your learning + playroom, it should consist of a desk and chair so your child can learn comfortably while completing their assignments. A chalkboard or a dry erase board where they can use their imagination to draw while solving math problems without a delay. And incorporate a tent for comfort and a quiet place to read their most favorite books.

Our children miss going to school, so create a space that’s just as exciting that allows them to dream, imagine, and explore in the comfort of their home.

Virtual Hugs,

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